Real People. Real Followers. Real Growth. Real Prospects. Real Paying Customers!

Photography by @behindmyreel

There’s too many marketing companies promoting “likes”, “comments”, and “followers” as if you could pay your bills with them!

This is the exact reason we created the Chum Slick Advantage Growth Strategy because it’s much easier to obtain new customers when they come to you!  We cracked the code turning “likes”, “comments”, and “followers” into prospective clients and eventually into paying customers. We’ve done so through our very specific and customizable engagement techniques!  

With the Chum Slick Advantage growth strategy it’s easier when new customers come to you! It’s an extremely powerful tool that is designed to align your content with whomever you want; whether they are a similar business, popular accounts with attractive followers, hashtags commonly used by your prospective audience, or geo-targets such as popular restaurants, event venues, vacation destinations, popular fishing holes, etc. that your clients routinely check-in at.  This alignment will grow your business within the very specific audience YOU have chosen. You’ll begin to see growth in just a few days.

Here’s how we grow your business so new customers come to you:

Target Followers

We help you reach out to the…read more


We have the unique ability to… read more

More Likes & Comments

We pride ourselves with the… read more

Instagram Engagement

You determine what level of… read more

New Sales Funnel

Over the past 3 years we’ve… read more

Analytics & Optimization

This is the most important… read more

Just imagine how much it would cost to hire someone 24/7/365 to interact with relevant accounts, posts, hashtags, and geo-targets that directly relate to your business to establish a brand new sales funnel with qualified prospects. You’d spend at least $125.00 per day!!

I’m extremely excited to connect as soon as possible so I can understand where “The King of Engagement” fits into your overall business strategy and to show you some case studies of exactly how it’s worked for so many businesses in just about every industry throughout the world.