This is what is known as the “Chum” and contains the secrete sauce (a.k.a. “the data”) used to optimize the account and ensure new costumers WILL come to you!!

This is the most important and unique feature of our platform!! This is the best way to maximize new follower acquisition.  Every so often, we analyze your accounts’ performance, check to see how your target accounts are performing, and send you all pertinent analytics. This data is used to optimize your account to make sure it’s growing exactly how you want.

Here are some examples of the reporting we provide on a weekly, monthly, and by request. All examples shown are from clients that have found tremendous success with the Chum Slick Advantage Growth Strategy

Cover page outlining the account and time period covered

Total follower growth including maximum followers obtained during any specific day of the selected time period as well as the average number followers obtained per day during the selected time period

Following count nicely fluctuated due to the automatic un-follow performed after new follower does not respond. Influence ratio is calculated by followers divided by following. Once a large number of followers is obtained advertisers place close attention to this number to find potential influencers

Change in followers by day during the selected time period. This is important to look back at your account to see what was posted during the days you obtained more followers. Engagement rate is probably one of the most important numbers here. It’s the engagement (likes, comments, and views) divided by the number of followers. Any engagement rate over 3% is very good. Our goal with the Chum Slick Advantage Growth Strategy is no so much the number of followers, but double digit engagement rates!

Average likes shows the quality of your content over the time period selected. During our consultation sessions is a great time to review the most popular content and the necessary steps to make sure it’s noticed by your potential customers

Follow-Back Report showing the performance of the selected Accounts, Hashtags, and Geo-Targets