The “Chum Slick Advantage” is an advanced hyper-specific business strategy where NEW CUSTOMERS come to you!

Target Followers

We help you reach out to the right people so you gain the followers you most definitely deserve using only real and organic methods to help establish and build your business account with followers who use your products and services.


We have the unique ability to target users based on their location. This is extremely advantageous and an invaluable tool for businesses trying to get noticed in a specific region or even a specific town.

More Likes and Comments

We pride ourselves with the most extensive knowledge and expertise with Instagram business accounts in every industry. Through carefully planned Instagram actions, advanced algorithms, and content management, we can help your business account gain real followers, real likes, and real engagement within your target market in a relatively short period of time.

Instagram Engagement

You determine what level of engagement you want to have with your followers. Instead of spending hours behind the computer let us and our proprietary platform interact with your targeted audience 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year so you can have more free time to focus on the things you specialize in and love to do!

Prospective Clients & A Brand New Sales Funnel

Over the past 3 years we’ve developed and optimized advanced algorithms allowing you to target the audience of your choice and create your most successful sales funnel. Bring users to your profile with specific comments and then send them an introductory direct message asking an engaging question or sharing a specific offer. This has an unbelievable click-through rate of 59%!

Analytics & Optimization

This is the most important and unique feature of our platform!! This is the best way to maximize new follower acquisition.  Every so often, we analyze your business accounts’ performance, check to see how your target accounts are performing in terms of follow-back ratio, and send you all pertinent analytics (Reporting & Analytics page). If your target account’s results are not up to our standards, we replace them with new accounts until all of your target accounts are optimized and you are gaining as many relevant followers as possible (in some cases hundreds per day). This means the longer we work together the better your account will perform.